Alex reforms

TS Alex brought heavy rain to Belize and the Yucatan peninsula. Alex killed 4 people in the region.  He caused by a landslide in Guatemala that took 2 men seeking shelter under a rock outcropping, and 2 others swept away in flash floods from El Salvador rivers that had overflowed their banks.

Alex weakened to a depression while crossing the Yucatan, and very quickly regained structure and has re-attained Tropical Storm status.

The situation seems similar to a very young Katrina system in 2005.  The storm formed very close to land, quickly organizing after a long period of shear inhibiting development.  Once across land the storm was experiencing very conducive conditions for development, and the storm quickly reorganized. This is not a forecast, simply amateur musing.

The NHC has the storm achieving hurricane conditions within 24 hours and possibly a CAT2 storm prior to a landfall between central to NE MX and Corpus Christi sometime thursday.


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