6 June 2010

I haven’t had time to properly examine the synoptics, and its getting mighty late today. BUT it looks much the same.  Summer pattern, weak cap, even a bit of subsidence might limit SB coverage.  Expect rain and tstorms by 8pm tonight.  Yesterday they hit at 7:30, which allowed them to be quite energetic.

Numbers are conducive to developing T-storms but nothing severe.  LI -4, CAPE is 1300, and PWATS just about 2 inches. Noting a big slot of dryness in the skew-t at 700mb, but that would only serve to increase lift at that level.  Also noting that there is not much enhancing lift until that level too. That should indicate that convection will wait until lots of heating has occurred.

And wait she did!  At 6:45 there was an SWS issued, concerning 2 convective areas that affected pretty much everywhere north of 595.  Frequent lightning (the first time thats really happened this year), torrential rain affected pretty much the entirety of FTL, Parkland, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Plantation, Davie, Oakland Park, LBTS, Deerfield and maybe south Boca.  PBC had a number of storms as well. The storms moved east slowly.


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